1. Great image, thenotorious. Since I was unfamiliar the the “u” spelling of “durag” (looked like Turkish to me), I googled it, and found the following in the Wikipedia entry. (Gives you an idea of who wrote *that* entry, huh?)

    “A do rag is also reminiscent of a ‘tichel’: an Israeli style of head covering worn by Orthodox Jewish women. It can be a variety of colours and fabrics, but often it is longer than the average do-rag and tails down the back of the neck. Women who wear the do-rag style tichel often cut their hair short in accordance with Jewish law that stipulates that a woman’s hair must be covered once married. Some women prefer to keep their hair long and tie the tichel in a knot at the back of their head, covering the hair within, this is less like the conventional do-rag. Tichel are colour co-ordinated to match clothing, but on special occasions white is a popular choice.
    [edit] ”

    Much success!! Talya

  2. These films are terrific! My very favorites are You Snooze , You Lose, based on a Yiddish short story byMpyshe Nadir, The Waiting Room, and the one about the term paper.
    Writer, director, and actors are superb in all rhe films!

  3. The site looks great, Jonah! Glad to be finished with this last project & excited to see what you do with the dailies (or whatever you call ’em).

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